Brand Manager

Oh hey, it’s Ruqayyah.  I’m the brains behind your brand’s robust image.

My purpose is to create and maintain a consistent experience that positions your brand for long term success.

Allow me to position your company as a top choice for all stakeholders

Hello to the awesome business (or idea ready to launch 💡) owner ready to have it recognised and cherished by the right people, so it can become a lasting legacy…

Your brand’s impression on prospects and customers directly influences your business’s strength and long term success.  If you’re battling with brand inconsistency – my brand management services will help you to create an attractive company image and develop a strong thought leadership brand that aligns with your ultimate vision.

An effective brand image with strong thought leadership enables you to increase brand awareness, engagement and satisfaction.

As a brand manager, I partner with you (and/or your team) to understand your unique business goals, target audience, and industry landscape. Through my tried-and-tested process of market research, strategic planning and creative execution, we’ll develop a comprehensive brand + marketing strategy tailored specifically for your business.

From content creation and communication alignment to marketing campaigns and brand storytelling – we’ll craft and launch a holistic method to increase your brand’s visibility, customer loyalty and return on investment.



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laughing at my own jokes

Brands I’ve worked with

Increased community engagement

Developed a clearer marketing strategy.

Increased traffic & sales.

Established an online presence.

Grew audience & monetized rapidly.

How your brand is established

Once you are onboarded for brand management services, we’ll kick-off by evaluating your current business promotional activities and how your brand is being perceived by your customers.  Then we’ll work through an intensive planning and research phase to establish your goals and map a clear vision for where your company is heading.

Brand Discovery

During this phase we’ll align your company vision with your brand strategy by identifying your brand’s core elements.


  • Your vision, mission and goals
  • Target audience
  • Your value proposition
  • Key marketing messages
  • Brand positioning

Brand Definition

Once discovery is complete we’ll move onto defining your brand through all of its touchpoints – creating a cohesive experience both internally and externally for your customers.

  • Visual identity
  • Brand personality
  • Tone of voice
  • PR & Marketing strategy
  • Corporate culture

Brand Maintenance

The management really begins here, with a now clearly defined brand strategy I work with you to bring it to life through:

  • Product/service launches
  • Content creation
  • Your brand’s online presence
  • Press releases
  • Event coordination
  • + more

Benefits of brilliant brand management

increase customer engagement

improve brand recognition

increase word of mouth marketing

attract top clients

grow your online audience

improve loyalty and retention

An easy brand & marketing support subscription

My brand management service is offered as easy banks of hours that are flexible and scalable for any size growing business.

All brand management includes:

✦ Monthly planning meeting
✦ Monthly analytical review
✦ Weekly check-ins
✦ Office hours mentorship available on tap

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Are we a match made like chocolate & caramel?

I’d love to find out!  If you’re a founder or business leader ready to partner with an out-of-the-box thinking, collaborative brand manager so we can get your business the recognition it deserves, click here to book a quick 15 min chat.