Launch her new coaching brand

Brechtje is a business coach for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their business without the burnout. She had a vision of a brand identity that represented the calming vibe her clients feel in her presence.

“Launch your profitable online business without burnout.”

Business Coach Brechtje guides her clients through overcoming stress and burnout to build an online business they truly love. She really wanted her audience to feel a sense of upliftment when interacting with her content whilst positioning her brand as a credible solution. That’s why she booked with The Brandz Bee (p.s. good choice).

After our initial strategy session and visual brainstorm, I discovered that whilst a sense of peace and serenity was important, she has a really dynamic & vibrant personality and this was a must to come across in her personal brand. Safe to say, we nailed it on the 2nd try (woohoo! اللهم بارك).


you’re leading something incredible.  it’s about time the world knew about it.

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