Ruqayyah | Brand Consultant & Marketer

Get rid of friction & make your brand appeal to the right people..


“Ruqayyah helped me put my vision together. I would definitely say – if you are on the cusp of something big, Ruqayyah is your woman!”

Khadija, PlayMaker


“I found the process of working with (Ruqayyah) very enjoyable. I honed in on my message and target customer and improved my branding across Instagram content. Since working with (The Brandz Bee), I’ve attracted a lot more organic traffic to my website and increased sales.”

Umm Laith, ProudLittleMuslims


“It was clear that she took the time to study our brand and went into a lot of depth as to what was working for us and what wasn’t. I would very enthusiastically recommend Ruqayyah! She has a profound knowledge of branding, is very professional, and has a great mission.”

Grace, TechSisters