Premium clients after a vibrant rebrand to match her personality

Hawa is a conversion copywriter who specialises in helping entrepreneurs use their words to sell. Her mission is to craft copy that celebrates your individuality whilst nurturing your audience, turning your hard work into cash.

The challenge: Hawa pivoted into copywriting in the last couple of years and needed to build her confidence to position herself differently in an already crowded industry.

She felt that she was squashing her personality through her branding, and wanted to come back with authenticity so she can show up 100% as herself.

Copy as good as your favourite meal.

We merged two of Hawa’s favourite things in life – good food and copywriting to create a brand personality that POPS and truly moves the spotlight into her direction.

The VIP Brand Glow-up experience

Hawa opted for the VIP experience with a super quick turnaround for her upgraded brand.

She said, “I needed to find myself in all of this. Get my why back. Have fun. Know that Hawa Arba J. belonged to Hawa Arba J.”

I’ve been in the design field for over 15 years.. and one of the biggest misconceptions is that your success depends on how great your design is. Actually, design is one of the last pieces of the puzzle in building a successful brand – and that’s why, no matter how you work with me, strategy is always the kick-off component.

Hawa wasn’t looking for a pretty logo. She wanted to discover herself and unleash it so that all of her business activities, from the way she markets her services to the relationship she has with her clients, all feel just like her!

Turn your expertise into an appetizer 🍮

Another project we worked on for her launch was creating a signature lead magnet. Hawa’s passion for email marketing was the winner here – as her clients often came to her with their email writing woes, and are already aware of the high conversion aspect of email marketing.

Inviting your audience to experience a little of your world before committing to an investment is a great way to build trust and understanding with your brand. Every brand will have its own unique way of doing this, and this is one thing I help my clients to get clear on.

What should I offer > How does that benefit my audience > What should they next step be?

This leads to more signups, a bigger audience and a stronger connection with your clients. Win-win!


you’re leading something incredible.  it’s about time the world knew about it.

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