Get ready to stop feeling like you have to fight your heart to succeed, and finally have confidence to show up as an authentic and magnetic brand leader!

you are…

The Analyst

You love to help people get things done, the right way.

your special traits 

here’s what people love about you

You are a lover of the truth

You have high standards that push them to EXCEL and be their best

You are the GEM everyone wants on their team when it comes to the behind-the-scenes operations

let’s talk more…

your leadership style

As The Analyst type, you have a unique leadership style that enables people to understand the bigger impact of their actions.

Excellence is important to you because you believe that precision and attention to detail are main factors of growth. 

But it’s not just about the tasks.  You’re passionate about people’s access to information, and you know how a lack of it can cause regrettable decision making.

As a leader, you seek to bring meaning and facts to the forefront so that everyone can take their best next step.

The world would be a mess without you!


now for the fun part…

how to infuse your style into your brand

There’s two parts to this:
Your brand (HOW you are) + Your marketing (WHAT you do).


Your specialty is the way you are able to pick apart concepts and navigate data to find the successful route.  People rely on you to help them distinguish right from wrong.

But it’s not your research or credentials that make your brand.  It’s your unique perspective & personality that does.

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When it comes to marketing your brand online, you can really WOW people with your unique way of processing information. 

You can share your expertise through insights and success stories, but also allow them to connect with you emotionally by sharing your experiences.

Remember, beyond the data, people rely on their emotions for decision making.

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🐝 buzZz tip: Live video is HOT right now.  Your audience will instantly relate to you.

my strategy tip for you


Define your brand’s personality.

There’s no two ways about it, you’re an expert.  You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone because they can sense it when you speak.  But, you really need to allow them to connect with your brand by giving it a consistent & engaging personality.

Who are you?  Your answer lies in there.  List 5 of your own unique traits that help you relate to the people closest to you, and use this is as a basis.  This list of 5 traits will help you know how your brand communicates and interacts with people.  This is exactly how you bring the personal touch to your brilliant work.

your golden ticket content style


If you want to know how you can really flex your newly discovered Brand Leadership style, it’s this.

‘The Case Story’ is a type of content that instantly relates to your target audience.  Case stories are awesome because they wet your reader’s appetite for the next offer in your pipeline (something they’ll pay for!).

→ It goes like this:

  1. First you identify the purpose of this case story.  (e.g. your next goal is more clients in your signature program this month).
  2. Pick your favourite client or project that relates.  This will become the meat of your ‘case story’ because this is where we tie your reader’s motives to one of your success stories.
  3. Introduce the client/project and walk us through the transformation.  The key here is to turn data into a relatable story by highlighting your reader’s (i.e. potential clients) own pain points and desires, and using this as a basis for what you share of your past success.
  4. Call-to-action.  Encourage your audience to click on a link, send you a message or leave a comment.

This content style works as both a written or video content piece.  It’s so versatile and once you get confident with it, it can literally become your no.1 client attraction tool.

🎥 Here’s an example of a Case Story post:


what’s next?

I hope you had fun discovering your brand leadership style, and you definitely have some things to implement to bring that buzZz to your marketing!