Get ready to stop feeling like you have to fight your heart to succeed, and finally have confidence to show up as an authentic and magnetic brand leader!

you are…

The Facilitator

You love to help people realise their own greatness by re-directing them to look inward. 

your special traits 

here’s what people love about you

You SEE them for who they are and lovingly support them to become their best

You make their purpose clearer and help them to find the right direction

Your empathy radiates in every conversation you have

let’s talk more…

your leadership style

As The Facilitator type, you have a unique leadership style that enables people to become more in tune with their own strengths.

Self leadership is important to you because you believe that with confidence and self belief, people can achieve anything.

But it’s not just about self.  You’re passionate about collaboration, and you know how a lack of understanding of others can hinder collective wins.

As a leader, you seek to understand and empower the world around you so that everyone can live out their potential.

The world would be lost without you!


now for the fun part…

how to infuse your style into your brand

There’s two parts to this:
Your brand (HOW you are) + Your marketing (WHAT you do).


Your specialty is your unique ability to empathise with just about anyone!

Your non judgemental approach and gentle guidance is truly appreciated by your audience and deserves to be highlighted in your brand.

Because it’s your unique perspective & personality that makes your brand.

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When it comes to marketing your brand online, sharing your experiences with the people you work with allows your audience to see themselves in those stories (you can keep their identities anonymous if need be).

Not only will they be able to relate, but this is a great way for you to demonstrate how effective your guidance is.

>> Click here for a content style I call the ‘golden ticket’ for The Facilitator!

🐝 buzZz tip: Encourage group participation in your marketing activities.

my strategy tip for you


Define your pillars.

You have a great skill at helping people solve their problems, whatever they are.

But when it comes to your brand, you need to have consistency.  By defining pillars of how you support your audience (whether that is in your content or how you deliver your services), you save yourself time whilst structuring a clear path for your audience to tread.

For example – one of my projects supported homeschooling parents in multiple ways.  I helped to define 3 core pillars of how we delivered our support through all of our platforms:

Community (because we believe it takes a village)
Education (because you can only do better when you know better)
Inspiration (because relating to other’s success stories helps you to keep your own spark alive).

Your pillars can be even more specific and of course, there are more details to add that go into how these pillars are delivered.  But the structure is there = consistent experience.

your golden ticket content style


If you want to know how you can really flex your newly discovered Brand Leadership style, it’s this.

‘The Pick-Me-Up’ is a simple type of content that gives your audience an emotional boost.  These boosts are awesome because it wets their appetite for the next offer in your pipeline (something they’ll pay for!).

→ It goes like this:

  1. Grab your document that lists your client’s struggles.  Pick one.
  2. Write what you would say to them if they were face to face with you.
  3. Give context by sharing a personal story of yours that relates to the struggle & your uplifting message.  Especially if you are writing this for a longer-content platform (such as a newsletter).
  4. Call-to-action.  Encourage your audience to click on a link, send you a message or leave a comment.

This content style works as both a written or video content piece.  It’s so versatile and once you get confident with it, it can literally become your no.1 client attraction tool.

Don’t have the time to manage your marketing or need a strategy that grows your audience & revenue at the same time? 

🎥 Here’s an example of a Pick-me-up post:

This was posted to Instagram.  It’s a simple quote with a caption that validates my kind of client’s struggle, whilst introducing them to my own perspective on the subject.


what’s next?

I hope you had fun discovering your brand leadership style, and you definitely have some things to implement to bring that buzZz to your marketing!

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