Get ready to stop feeling like you have to fight your heart to succeed, and finally have confidence to show up as an authentic and magnetic brand leader!

you are…

The Influencer

You love to help people achieve their dreams by showing them it’s possible.

your special traits 

here’s what people love about you

You TRUST that they are fully capable of their wildest dreams and help them believe it

You’re daring and unafraid to put yourself first to set an example

You carry an infectious positive energy with you in ANY room you enter

let’s talk more…

your leadership style

As The Influencer type, you have a unique leadership style that inspires people to go after their wildest dreams fearlessly.

Being an example is important to you because you believe that seeing is believing, and once people realise the possibilities are endless – they become confident and self directed.

But it’s not just about dreams.  You’re passionate about people’s internal wellbeing, and you know how a lack of inspiration can limit their potential.

As a leader, you seek to show the world anything is possible so that everyone sees the bright side to life.

The world would be sad without you!


now for the fun part…

how to infuse your style into your brand

There’s two parts to this:
Your brand (HOW you are) + Your marketing (WHAT you do).


Your specialty is that you are living proof of what your audience hopes for.

They look to you for guidance in how to be.  You can use your influence in multiple ways to create a captivating brand experience – your words, your imagery and your story.

It’s not so much ‘what’ you do that makes your brand.  It’s your unique perspective & personality that does.

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When it comes to marketing your brand online, sharing your story and the inspirational snippets of your life works really well.

It’s also good to be as vulnerable as you feel comfortable with.  Share your milestones so that your audience can relate with where they are at now.

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🐝 buzZz tip: Imagery is your powerful inspiration tool.  Make them shareable.

my strategy tip for you


Profile your people.

I’m pretty sure you know your stuff and what promise your brand delivers to your audience (i.e. the big win from your own story).  But to avoid making it all about you, you have to understand where your audience is at so your messaging can resonate with them.

Look back through your own journey and identify the milestones that got you where you are today.  You can then use each milestone as a basis for your audience personas.  Alternatively, if you focus on just one type of person – you can still use this to understand what your client needs step-by-step as she progresses through your offers.

your golden ticket content style


If you want to know how you can really flex your newly discovered Brand Leadership style, it’s this.

‘The Hero Story’ is a type of content that gives your audience a quick dose of motivation.  Micro experiences like this are awesome because it wets their appetite for the next offer in your pipeline (something they’ll pay for!).

→ It goes like this:

  1. First you identify the feeling you want to convey with this content piece.  (e.g. you sell skincare products, it could be the feeling of acceptance).
  2. Give context.  Using a relatable storyline and imagery, make your audience feel seen by identifying their current situation and desires.
  3. Introduce the hero.  Thanks to step 1 & 2, this is a natural next step.  This is your chance to introduce your offer as the hero in the story.  It’s a hero because it helps your viewer achieve the feeling you identified in step 1.
  4. Call-to-action.  Encourage your audience to click on a link, send you a message or leave a comment.

This content style works best as a visual content piece – video or photo (you can even use AI nowadays).  It’s so versatile and once you get confident with it, it can literally become your no.1 client attraction tool.

🎥 Here’s an example of a Hero Story as a video ad:


what’s next?

I hope you had fun discovering your brand leadership style, and you definitely have some things to implement to bring that buzZz to your marketing!

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