Create Your Signature Event Workshop

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A 90 minute pre-recorded workshop to learn how to generate the grand idea, plan your signature event outline + activities PLUS effectively market your event, whether online or offline.

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Why create a signature event?

😍 It’ll instantly get you known & grow your authority as a thought leader in your industry

🚀 You’ll seriously grow your contact list with people who are in-line with your ideas

🤝 And the greatest part? Build stronger connections with your audience through live interaction.. which turns into referrals, clients and more exposure for your brand!

The real reason I’m doing this? I’ll be honest. I really wanna help more passion-led entrepreneurs to create the leading platforms. All it takes is ONE person with the confidence + know-how to create the next big thing.

I’m sharing with you ALL the strategies & tools that I’ve used to host events that have in total attracted thousands, with a 100% “would attend next event” rate! اللهم بارك

When you purchase Create Your Signature Event workshop replay, you get instant access to:

→ 90 minute training
→ Signature event planning workbook
→ Pricing strategy guide for your signature event
→ 21 day event marketing plan
→ 21 event marketing content ideas
→ Email marketing templates to market your event & keep your registrants excited for it


The Signature Event Planning workbook alone is worth £97, with a step-by-step planning process that guides you from your event strategy (with my proven method to aligning it with your business goals) all the way to the format and marketing of your event.  It’s the exact process I used to host the Muslim Women in Leadership event and will be repeating every year in shaa Allaah!

Here’s what live workshop attendees had to say about it:

“This session was really amazing and beneficial, it really allowed me to have more clarity on not only how to approach planning an awesome event but was so inspirational and motivating to create events that align with your values, support your business while being of benefit to the Ummah. That’s why I am working on planning not one event but TWO EVENTS bi’idhni’Allah ta’ala! (You can sense how fired-up I am)”
– Hanae, Workshop Attendee

“Allahuma Barik! It really was a lot more than I expected and transferrable to all my events.”
– Zed Kayemm

“I’m gasssssssssssssssed, watch this spaceeeeeee 🚀”
– Umm Laith


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