I bought into the personal branding lie, and regret it

September 3, 2023

I made a decision recently for my brand, and that is to go back to being “faceless”.

You’ve never actually seen my face.. but I slowly became sold into the idea that you need to SEE me to be able to relate to my content or marketing efforts.

Until the day I deleted Zuck’s social media (except LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a professional network, but really starting to feel more like 2020 Instagram).

I’ve been saying it to everyone that’ll listen – as much as you think you’re a “conscious” social media user, you actually can’t be. It’s designed to feed into the natural human inclination for validation and acceptance.

I was starting to act according to how the algorithm showed me “works”.

What works? Spilling as much of your personal life as possible, as regularly as possible. To be honest, I believe it’s engineered that way, it’s no accident. But I bought into it nonetheless.

I’m also believing less and less in the idea of a personal brand and more and more in an ethical approach to business, that promotes GENUINE solutions (not just BUY MY THING TO MAKE ME MONEY) for REAL world problems.

How much of Jeff did you need to know more about before you made your last Amazon order? Yeah.

The strength is in the message. The growth of the community is a natural given.

This is probably something I could have just kept in my own personal diary, but I’m sharing it to inspire anyone who may be feeling conflicted about some of their own business or marketing practices.

It’s ok to do it your way. In fact, that’s the only way it should be done.

Written by Ruqayyah
Ruqayyah is a brand strategist & digital marketer that has been growing brands since 2011. She is also a dedicated mama, baker, speaker, writer and event host that loves to educate & bring people together for the greater good.

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