Content That Lasts – Jump Off The Content Hustle With These

July 29, 2023

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If you’re in business and have been actively promoting it online, you’ve definitely heard some of these:

  • Post 3 times a day!
  • Collaborate or engage with HUGE accounts in your industry.
  • Show your audience more of your lifestyle. Where have you been? What are you drinking?
  • Send your products to influencers for their endorsement.

It’s really easy to get sucked into the social media façade of promoting your business whilst slowly but surely losing sense of why you are doing what you want to do in the first place.

The algorithms reward regularity and engagement and this is what will cause you to find yourself in a black hole of constantly ‘being on’.

But, what’s the alternative? I hereby present to you The Forgotten Influencers in the content creation domain. Hint: you’re reading one right now.

Write good ol’ blog posts

Blogs are an awesome way to get seen because your content becomes part of the 9 billion searches made on a daily basis on search engines like Google (providing you have done some basic work with SEO/search engine optimisation).

Any type of written content you publish on your own platform that goes deeper in answering a question (longer than a social media caption) can be found when people search for the keywords within your article. So one day you should find this article within the search results if you write something like ‘“how to promote my business without the content hustle”.

Get interviewed on other platforms

These can be podcasts, written blogs or even live TV segments. By reaching out to others who would appreciate having your perspective or mission on their own platform, you are able to reach their audience who they have already built trust with. It’s a win-win.

Having an SEO optimised website

Whether you are a local or international business, by optimising your website with basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles you give it a stronger presence on search engines as mentioned above. In this social media age, it’s easy to forget that people are typically scrolling on social media to entertain themselves. But when they have a serious query (i.e. they are ready to make buying decisions!) they are going to be searching for your solution. So make it easy for your website to be found.

UGC or User Generated Content

And no, I don’t mean Tiktoks! When you hear UGC it’s easy to refer to social media posts or an unboxing on an IG story. However, these posts have a lifetime which is often very very short. Having a customer publish their review in their own blog or magazine is a longer form type of content that can be found long after it was initially published.

Press releases

I’m constantly sharing this one with my clients because, again, let’s shift from short term thinking to longer term thinking. There’s nothing like having your brand or your story featured in press. This will boost you not only in front of their audience but something you can use as credibility for your brand for years to come in shaa Allaah. If you have yet to identify your big story that would appeal to media, it’s time to start putting it together if you’re serious about getting more recognition.

Highlight the most compelling parts of your own story and start pitching this to platforms that are known to feature it.

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Written by Ruqayyah
Ruqayyah is a brand strategist & digital marketer that has been growing brands since 2011. She is also a dedicated mama, baker, speaker, writer and event host that loves to educate & bring people together for the greater good.

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