Stop Educating Your High Ticket Clients – Inspire Them!

July 29, 2023

Last month I had a consultation with an amazing professional who’s pivoting to offering their services online.

This is someone who is very well known and respected for their expertise. But none of that matters when it comes to online marketing, because the world is different here. I’m tellin ya!

We came to the discussion of content. You see, you watch the content that’s placed on your feed because it’s performing well with 100,000+ likes and comments. And you think it’s what you need to do, so you can get more followers, so you can get more enquiries, so you can make more sales.

But it doesn’t work like that.

When you’re offering a service with a higher investment – you’re targeting someone who is ready to make a move.

They’re looking to hand it over to someone like you to make their life easier. So what message are you sending when you’re telling them how to do it themself with your “5 best tips”? 😱


Different content works for different businesses. Because you are caught up with following what’s working for someone else, you’re forgetting what will actually work for you.

Tips and strictly education works for coaches, teachers, and educational based products. It works as part of their funnel – attracting people who are looking for education.

For service providers who are ready to implement their process for their clients, we have to move differently. How can you build the trust and connection with people who are just looking for “the right one”? They already know what they need.

Here’s what high ticket clients are scanning for when they come across your profile:

To discover who you are as a person.

Clients who already know what they need and are ready to invest in a professional, are only searching for the “who”. This is why your content needs to let them know exactly that. Who are you and why are you here? It’s not only your credentials and achievements they are looking for. They want to know what you support and what you are against. They want to see how you communicate with people. They basically want to get a feel of what it would be like to work with you and how relevant you are to what work they do.

I’ll give you an example. I don’t eat pork, but I love chocolate. If I’m sharing these kinds of personable facts about myself and not just all my extensive knowledge on branding – here’s what’s gonna happen. The pork brand knows I won’t be the right brand strategist for them. But the chocolate company will feel confident that I already get their product and have the passion needed to bring their ideas to life. This is why it’s important that you are clear who you are and unapologetically share it in your marketing!

To understand clearly what you do.

Your high ticket clients already know what they need (yes I’m saying it again), so now they need to know what your process looks like. How much thought and effort have you put into offering your service and does this align with your high ticket client’s goals? It’s important for you to share what results your work helps your clients to achieve – and your unique methods to getting them there.

To see proof of your work.

Lots of people can talk the talk. But your client needs to see you walking the walk. Over 90% of buyers in 2023 scan the reviews section before making a purchase, and it’s no different when offering a high ticket service. Your prospect is more likely to believe someone who has worked with you and shared their positive experience + results, than what you have to say. So make sure you’re getting all the testimonials you need to prove your offers

How to make their move.

There’s no point in revving up your prospects to then leave them without any next step. Your sales process needs to be clear to invite hot leads into it. Share call-to-actions frequently which guide your prospect right where they need to go if they feel like making the next big step – investment!

Building your business online can be tough and none of us are exempt from comparing ourselves to people who we think are doing better than us. But it’s important to remember, your strategy needs to be created with YOUR goals in mind.

These principles will help you to create content that inspires your audience to make the next step and feel confident that you’re the service provider for them.

Written by Ruqayyah
Ruqayyah is a brand strategist & digital marketer that has been growing brands since 2011. She is also a dedicated mama, baker, speaker, writer and event host that loves to educate & bring people together for the greater good.

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